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Process Management Lab

The PML helps small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations build internal infrastructure to achieve missions and serve their communities.

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— Where process management meets workplace performance improvement.

The Process Management Lab (PML) is a collaboration between Dr. Steve Villachica of Boise State’s department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) and Dr. Rob Anson of Hot Rocks Consulting (HRC). Steve brings expertise in engineering workplace environments that provide the information, processes and tools, consequences, and motives, capacities, and skills that people need to meet strategic organizational goals. A Professor Emeritus of Information Technology Management, Rob Anson and HRC brings expertise in information technology, supply chain management, process mapping, and facilitation.

PML merges these areas of expertise to help smaller to medium-sized nonprofit organizations build the internal infrastructure they need to better achieve their missions and meet their strategic organizational objectives. We envision smart, productive, fulfilling, and efficient workplaces for all.

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