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Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning (OPWL)

Earn an online Master of Science degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning.


We also offer online Graduate Certificates in Workplace Performance Improvement, E-Learning & Performance Support, and Instructional Design.


100% Online, Fully Accredited!

MS degree in Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning

MS degree in Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning

Graduate Certificate in Workplace Performance Improvement

Graduate Certificate in Workplace Performance Improvement

Graduate Certificate in Workplace E-Learning

Graduate Certificate in Workplace E-Learning

Graduate Certificate in Workplace Instructional Design

Graduate Certificate in Workplace Instructional Design

The OPWL Master's Degree and Certificates Are Aligned With:

Projected Job Growth
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook (OOH), employment of business and financial operations occupation (under which the learning development professional is categorized) is projected to grow 7 percent between 2018 and 2028. Depending on your talents and interests, this is a career path with multiple paths to employment.

Skill Development and Competency
The tools, skills and competencies expected of the learning and development professional has dramatically expanded since the onset of the internet, mobile devices, and the 4 G network. Our program provides multiple opportunities to master competencies, in learning a concept, using a tool or conducting a process in a classroom setting, in an internship, or while you are creating your digital portfolio. Our course work reflects our understanding that you will be expected to show samples of your work and in a manner that provides meaningful insight into the knowledge and skills you bring to the workplace.

A Rigorous, Diverse, and Engaging Online Community of Practice
We have been offering online courses since the fall of 1989 and attribute our success to a student body that is passionate about instruction, the transfer of learning to the workplace, and impacting performance through data-driven decision-making and evidence-based practice. Our earliest adopters were realizing the potential for online courses in their workplace and provided feedback on how they would leverage online learning. Today’s learners continue to collaborate with faculty on where the next innovation lies and how it may be used to accomplish their goals.

OPWL Testimonials

Roberta Dombrowski

“I was hired for my position because of my expertise in digital learning and focus on solving problems, both of these things we’re strengthened during my time in the OPWL program.”

Roberta Dombrowski’s Testimonial

Tad Hughes

“After researching several programs, I decided that the OPWL program was for me. Primarily, I was attracted to the robust curriculum that includes a series of semester-long projects with real-world clients, as well as faculty who have worked in industry for decades. Though challenging, the learning experiences are invaluable.”

Tad Hughes’ Testimonial

Autumn Scisciani

Autumn has moved from industry outsider to a 6-figure national training management position in less than 4 years. She says “it’s all because of the knowledge and skills gained at Boise State. It has changed our lives and I’m so grateful!!”

Autumn Scisciani’s Testimonial