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Kelly Brooks

Kelly Brooks

Class of 2008

Education Coordinator
West Valley Medical Center



I had been thinking about going back for my master’s degree for some time but I was at a point in my life where we were thinking about starting a family and I was working full-time. I wasn’t sure how to fit it all in. Another graduate of the program told me about Boise State’s IPT degree and how the online option had worked so well for her. I researched the program and liked the technology piece that was part of IPT’s program in comparison to other programs and of course, definitely was sold on the online option. I ended up doing all but one of my classes online and loved it!

With the online option you can’t “hide” in the back of the room so I felt like everyone was really engaged in discussion and I honestly felt I learned more in the online environment. You are also exposed to classmates from all over the country and international students from major corporations to those brand new to the field . That piece of it just added to my learning. I ended up starting that family and had a newborn my last semester. While it was hard, the online option definitely allowed me to finish my program, something I would not have been able to do if I would have had to drive in for class. You can definitely do the program even with a busy life.

What I also really like about the IPT program is that every class had an application component to it so you could incorporate work projects if needed. I highly recommend this program and look forward to using what I have learned in my career.