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Lorece Beidel

Lorece Beidel

Class of 2015



In 2010, I stumbled into instructional design and e-learning while working on a short-term federal contract. By the end of the contract, I knew that I wanted to do design and training in some capacity so I searched for a program that would give me the skills I needed. The OPWL program was the perfect solution.

In addition to an online delivery format that allowed me to work full-time while still pursuing a degree, the curriculum provided opportunities for me to solve real-world performance problems using the solid theoretical concepts learned in class. As a practitioner looking to build and demonstrate my expertise, this was a HUGE selling point for the program.

More importantly, OPWL offered a great network of advisors, faculty, staff and colleagues who were invested in my success. The challenging coursework and consistently great feedback from professors and teammates prepared me for the portfolio defense. In fact, my defense experience was quite pleasant because it felt more like a rigorous discussion between colleagues than a Socratic question session.

Completing the OPWL program helped me expand my view of effective performance management. From a career standpoint, I am finally working in a federal position that allows me to design training and other solutions to address workplace issues. I am so thankful for the opportunities the OPWL program provided and I would highly recommend it for any students who are interested in organizational learning.