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Ross Eggett

Ross Eggett

Class of 2016

Human Resource Business Partner
Allstate Insurance


Many years after completing my undergraduate degree and working as a professional, I knew that I wanted to pursue a graduate degree. I worked with a colleague who had recently completed the OPWL program, he recommended that I look into it. I am fortunate to work for a company that values advanced education and supported my efforts to pursue the OPWL program. When I started the program, I knew that I wanted to learn more about how to drive performance in a large organization. What I couldn’t have anticipated is the thorough education that the OPWL program provides that completely prepares practitioners to take a scientific and methodical approach to performance improvement.

Through the coursework, hands-on practical application, and classroom dialogue I learned how to systematically identify the root causes of performance gaps and opportunities. Once root causes are identified, the program equips students with practical tools and methods to achieve the desired results. At the end of a performance improvement effort, you learn how to quantify the impact of your changes. This new view of the workplace has enabled me to make valuable improvements in my business. I attribute this outcome to the incredibly thoughtful design of each course. Students are able to quickly learn theory and are given an opportunity for immediate application. Each student is challenged to problem solve in an authentic work case, doing work for real companies.

I found the Boise State Instructors and staff to be incredibly helpful. Every class was made up of small, intimate groups where ample attention was provided. The instructors were quick to answer questions and provided excellent support in any material that was challenging. The program’s support staff are equally supportive and willing to help with any administrative questions that are presented.

The experience that I had with the program has been invaluable. It has transformed the way that I approach workplace problem solving and has equipped me with skills that are valued and applicable across a wide range of fields and industries.

I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn how to take a scientific approach to performance improvement and adult learning.


Outstanding Graduate 2016