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First-Year Orientation

For first-year students starting in the fall, New Student Orientation for First-Year students is an in-person, overnight, 2-day program that will help you get ready for your future at Boise State. Our staff will ease your transition to college life by sharing what you’ll need to know before your first day of classes. All new students are expected to attend both days of their Orientation in order to register for classes.

What to Expect

The 2-day in-person orientation program is designed to help you academically and socially acclimate to Boise State. Check out our draft schedule to learn more!

Can I bring my family?

Yes! We have our Bronco Family Orientation especially for your family. Family Orientation has additional costs for each family member.

Do you require accommodations to fully participate in orientation?

If you or your guests need any accommodations for reading, seeing, hearing, language, mobility issues, or other disability-related needs to fully participate in the in-person orientation, please indicate that when you sign up for your orientation. If your situation has changed and you’ve already signed up for your orientation, please contact our office to update your orientation details.

To set up accommodations for your student needs beyond orientation, please visit the Educational Access Center.

Start your Boise State journey with an experience like hiking, camping, backpacking, or even whitewater rafting

Summer Welcome Adventures!

The Outdoor Program offers unique and engaging ways for new students to make lasting memories, meet new people, and build community and connection.

All new students are welcome – no experience necessary! Knowledgeable student guides will help teach you along the way.

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