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Laptop Recommendations

Below, some academic colleges recommend very specific computers you should consider for your degree/major. If you do not see anything listed for your academic college, think about what computer would be best for you to show up as your best self.

Please Note: This list may be updated closer to the start of school.

Recommendations by College/Major

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business and Economics

Highly Recommend

Windows Computers

Do Not Recommend

Mac Computers (at times can be incompatible with Microsoft Suite)

College of Education

College of Engineering

Highly Recommend

Windows Computer

  • Storage space – 500 GB or more
  • RAM – 8 GB minimum (16 GB is best)
  • CPU – Core i5 of better dedicated graphics card

Article on the best laptops for Engineering students

Do Not Recommend

  • MAC Computers (we have seen Macs have a harder time with our software)
  • Chromebooks

College of Health Sciences

Highly Recommend


Do Not Recommend


School of Public Service

Undeclared and Exploring Majors