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Proctoring Services

If you’re a student from another university, you can arrange for your exams to be administered at Boise State by letting your instructor or exam coordinator know that the test materials should be sent to the Boise State Proctoring and Certification Services center. Most schools will require the following information:

  • Exam Administrator: Dane Johns
  • Email:
  • Phone: 208-426-2761
  • Mailing Address:
    1910 University Dr Mail stop 1450
    Boise, ID 83725

If your school requires a form signature from a staff member at Boise State, please complete your portion of the form then email it to

If you are a Boise State student looking to sign up for accommodated testing, please click below!

Scheduling an Appointment

In cases where the test is sent through the postal service, it’s recommended that you contact to verify that it has been received (before making an appointment). Include your first and last name, your school name, as well as the exam you’re inquiring about. Students are required to present proper identification during check-in. This usually includes a valid form of State or Government ID, but your exam may have different requirements.

Schedule Proctored Tests