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Video Transcript – Pathways OER Language Teaching Repository @ Boise State University

Video Transcript

[Kelly Arispe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Spanish]: Thank you for your interest in Pathways.

[Amber Hoye, M.E.T., Director of WLRC]: In this short video, we’ll explain what to expect from Pathways and Open Educational Repository. Pathways exists because we want learners, teachers, researchers, and staff working together to create the classroom experience that they desire. When we’re in the classroom is a true steppingstone to a greater connection and meaning in the real, multilingual world.

[Kelly Arispe]: In 2015 in 2016, the State of Idaho revised both the world language content standards in the standards for teacher preparation. These changes were essential. They were timely, but they sparked a major shift in content learning outcomes and teacher training.

[Amber Hoye]: Now aligned to the national, research-backed World Readiness ACTFL standards, the Idaho World Language Standards support language learning and teaching centered on communication and authentic language use.

[Kelly Arispe]: And all of this is great for students, but the burden of success falls on our teachers and the elephant in the room is the issue of time and resources. How can teachers transform their classroom content, instruction, and overall experience for language learners aligned to the new standards? Our mission with the Pathways Repository is to support this positive transformation and language learning and teaching.

[Amber Hoye]: The Pathways Repository is an open and free online space where teachers can find classroom-ready materials. All of the activities are open educational interpersonal speaking activities, where there are over 450 across 8 languages at the novice and intermediate proficiency levels. They’re typically 30 minutes in duration with a warm up and a cool down and all materials are editable and customizable. Best of all, they are aligned to both the national and Idaho standards and are organized with keywords and a brief description in English.

[Kelly Arispe]: We’ve strategically started with interpersonal speaking activities because language learners need opportunities to speak with someone in the target language. And furthermore, it’s time-consuming for teachers to create these activities. You’ll find that Pathways activities don’t just get students to talk to one another, but they also focus on intercultural competence. And as we continue to expand Pathways, expect to find more interpretive listening and interpretive reading after these too.

[Title: A pathway to open pedagogy & community]

[Kelly Arispe]: Pathways is an open pedagogy project that is inclusive and centered on a culture of participation by all.

[Amber Hoye]: This participatory culture begins with students working as World Language Resource Center employees or enrolling in the Pathways Vertically Integrated Project, or VIP. They develop foundational activities in the target language and integrate products, practice, and perspectives relevant to their peers. These activities are then uploaded to the OER commons repository and once submitted, Pathways let instructors provide feedback on grammar, syntax, and cultural integration. Language instructors from the Pathways community are encouraged to remix or adapt these activities for their classroom, and once completed, share back their materials to the repository, available for all instructors to use.

[Kelly Arispe]: So we invite you to try out these activities in your classroom. They’re practice-oriented, they’re rooted in theory, and they’re ready for you to try out today. And best of all, they’re editable and customizable to meet the needs of your classroom and your teaching style. But don’t stop there. Share back your expertise so that this Pathways repository can grow in depth and breadth.

[Amber Hoye]: To get involved with Pathways, please visit our website.


[Amber Hoye]: There you’ll find the latest news and updates, direct links to activities in your target language, and professional development opportunities.

[Kelly Arispe]: So whether you’re a language teacher in a booming metropolis – or, like many in our great state of Idaho, come from a rural community where you’re the sole language teacher in your school or district – this community is for you and we hope you’ll consider joining the Pathways community of practice.