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Pathways Projects Co-Directors to Present at 2021 Foreign Language OER Conference

Pathways Project co-directors, Kelly Arispe and Amber Hoye, will present a session titled “The value of teams: a tried and true model for OER-enabled pedagogy that elevates students voices” during the 2021 Foreign Language OER Conference.

Session Description:

The Pathways Project uses an OER-enabled pedagogy framework (Wiley,, 2017) and comprises a community of K-16 world language instructors, staff and an interdisciplinary mix of university students who create ancillary, classroom-ready materials that are performance based and target interpersonal speaking and interpretive listening. The Pathways Project is now in its third year and we have over 600 materials in our database. In this presentation, we will explain our model and, specifically, how we recruit and supervise student involvement as well as encourage faculty engagement. We will discuss the barriers we’ve encountered and how, after four cycles of supervising student-faculty lead teams, we’ve developed a system that elevates diversity, interdisciplinarity, teacher autonomy, and efficiency. A consistent concern amongst language faculty is maintaining a high level of quality and accuracy in materials created by language students. We’ll discuss our approach to addressing those concerns through our model that allows language majors, pre-service language teachers and even language minors to participate in a meaningful way. We will conclude our presentation by sharing our next steps to focus on and augment redistribution (a well-documented challenge in OER-enabled pedagogy) so that K-16 language teachers are empowered to grow in their teaching autonomy and the database continues to grow in order to reflect the diversity of its users.

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