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Let’s Connect Across Idaho- 2022-2023 Professional Development

The Pathways Project ( and IATLC ( are partnering to deliver a comprehensive experience for Pre-K-16 world language teachers in Idaho. To do this effectively, we’re offering a fall program in the southern region and a spring program in the northern region. If you attend both fall events or both spring events, you can earn a free PD credit!

Learn More and Register to Attend the PD Sessions

Let's Connect Across Idaho. Spring 2023- Northern Idaho. Iatlc spring conference. April 20-21, 2023. Pathways Project In-person Workshop. February 10, 2023. Fall 2022. Southern Idaho. Pathways Project Virtual Workshops SW & SE August 5, 2022. IATLC Fall Conference. September 29-30, 2022. World Languages Professional Development. Attend the 2 fall or 2 spring events for 1 free pd credit. To learn more and to register for these events, please visit Learn More and Register to Attend the PD Sessions (