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Authentic-like Materials for the Chinese Language Classroom

Fall 2019

Authentic-like Materials for the Chinese Language Classroom

It can be difficult to find meaningful and level-appropriate authentic materials for the foreign language classroom. Often they can be low-quality, overwhelming, copyrighted, or sometimes non-existent. With this project, I have created a variety of classroom ready authentic-like materials designed for a number of units and tasks from role-play speaking practice to reading comprehension activities that replicate as close as possible materials students would engage with in real-world situations.

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About The Author

Hannah Steiner is a Linguistics major and Chinese minor at Boise State University who is passionate about language acquisition and curriculum design. She has spent the last 3 semesters working with the WLRC at Boise State creating speaking activities for Chinese language classes, and hopes to continue to develop curriculum materials alongside her research in adult second language acquisition.