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Fall 2022 Webinar Series

? Overcoming Copyright Fears Sept 13th from 11am-12pm (MT) ? Digital Humanities & Authentic Resources Oct 12th from 12pm-1pm (MT) ? Remixing & Redistributing Nov 10th from 10am-11am (MT

Webinar recordings will be added here after each session.

Overcoming Copyright Fears

Wednesday, October 12th from 12pm-1pm (MT)

In this one hour webinar, we’ll discuss best practices and practical strategies for deciding when and how much of a copyrighted work you can include under fair use. After the workshop, educators will be able to enrich their course materials with photos, video clips, newspaper articles, and more. Better yet, they will know how to share them with a larger audience.

Digital Humanities & Authentic Resources

Wednesday, October 12th from 12pm-1pm (MT)

Would you like to incorporate interactive sites, commercials, artwork, menus, social media posts, and more into your world language classroom? In this one hour webinar, we’ll highlight some of our favorite digital humanities and authentic resources sites full of engaging materials to spark student’s curiosity and immerse them in the target culture. We’ll also share some of our strategies for finding these sites, including a searchable, community-built repository!

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Remixing & Redistributing

Thursday, November 10th from 10am-11am (MT)

In this one hour webinar, we’ll dive into the world of remixing (combining multiple OER materials) and redistributing (sharing back to a larger audience). We’ll walk you through best practices for combining OER materials and licensing your work with a Creative Commons license. We’ll also look at how to use the OER Commons editor to easily revise Pathways Project interpersonal speaking activities.

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