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Spanish Ancillary Activities and OER Materials

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Featured Activities

Photo of Argentina Currency

“La subasta/
The Auction”

Novice Mid

This activity allows students to practice with the types of currency from Spanish speaking countries by purchasing items through an “auction.” Students will practice using adjectives and numbers to describe the items they can sell or buy. They will also practice using persuasion to convince others to buy a product.

Photo of phone showing social media app icons

“El bienestar y la tecnología/Wellbeing and Technology
Intermediate Mid

In this activity, students will evaluate how social media affects their wellbeing and describe how they feel about certain current events.  Additionally, students will create follow-up questions to create a conversation with others to express how they feel.

Photo of grocery store produce

“Vamos al súpermercado/
Let’s Go to the Supermarket”

Novice High

In this activity, students will go shopping at different grocery stores in search of the best prices for their foods. Students will practice discussing food, money, and numbers. They will also learn about the culture of different Spanish-Speaking countries through the use of authentic weekly grocery store advertisements.

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About the Pathways Project Materials

Many of the activities on the Pathways Project OER Commons Repository are created by upper-division students at Boise State University and serve as a foundation that our community of practice can build upon and refine. While they are polished, we welcome and encourage collaboration from language instructors to help modify grammar, syntax, and content where needed. Kindly contact us at with any suggestions and we will update the content in a timely manner.