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Constellation prize: NASA-funded astronomy expert coming to educate Idaho stargazers

As part of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve STEM Network, the program hosts an astronomer-in-residence within the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve. This year, Catherine Slaughter, a master’s student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, will live and work in the reserve for one month.

Astronomer-in-residence Catherine Slaughter 

During her stay, Catherine will be traveling throughout the reserve to hold outreach events. She plans to lecture on topics such as indigenous astronomy, and host solar observing events; where she will show how to find sunspots and other features on the sun’s surface with a solar telescope. These events are open to the public and are geared towards people of all ages! Slaughter will also work with two “light pollution ambassadors” — UCLA undergraduates — to monitor light levels at the reserve.

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