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AstroTAC Presentations & Activities

The AstroTAC team travels around the Treasure Valley and beyond teaching NASA educational content to students of all ages.


What is AstroTAC?

AstroTAC stands for Astronomers in Training Assisting the Community, one of four strands within CIDSRSN. The team is comprised of Boise State University students who provide outreach opportunities for the public.

From unique hands-on activities to a portable planetarium, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Through outreach, AstroTAC is able to provide access of NASA educational material to rural and remote communities, schools, and families.  AstroTAC’s mission aims to bring STEM education into both rural and urban schools, sparking curiosity for our future’s next generation of scientists.

Partnered with educational professionals within Boise State’s College of Education, students also work to create engaging material that embodies Idaho’s science standards. For more information regarding this partnership, visit our page K-12 Teaching Resources.

Students at Castleford Elementary work together to create an image from the JWST.
The class admires their work of recreating the Carina Nebula.

We have a variety of event options for educators to choose from! In addition, AstroTAC is also happy to work with educators to create new content that best suits their needs. Explore all that the team has to offer below and when you’re ready, visit the Contact Us page to plan your outreach event. 


Explore what AstroTAC has to offer!