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Government and Community Relations

As Idaho’s largest public university with the state’s public affairs mission, Boise State is a partner to state, local and federal agencies, a leader in our economy, community and region, and a neighbor in our metropolitan home.

Government and Community Relations, located within the President’s Office, coordinates legislative and advocacy efforts with federal, state and local government offices — and works to build and strengthen relationships, both in Washington, D.C. and throughout Idaho.


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Federal Relations

Our office serves as the liaison between the university and members of the Idaho congressional delegation, congressional committees and federal agencies — coordinating closely with the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

State Relations

Boise State’s trustees are appointed by the Governor of Idaho to the State Board of Education, but Boise State also works closely with the Governor’s Office, the Idaho Legislature and state agency leaders to advance the state’s and community’s goals.

Local and Community Relations

As one of the largest entities in Idaho’s largest city, Boise State strives to foster strong relations and open communications with local governments, civic and community-based organizations such as chambers of commerce, and the local business community.


The Government Relations office is located within the Office of President in the Administration Building, Suite 201.