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2023-2024 Submission Instructions, President’s Writing Awards

Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts

All contest categories are open to manuscripts produced for undergraduate coursework at Boise State from Spring 2023 through Spring 2024. Previously published work is not eligible. A student may enter multiple categories but may submit no more than one entry to each category. A student may re-submit work that was entered but did not win in 2023, provided that it was completed within the stated time frame. All submissions should be written in English.

Remove Identifying Information

Before uploading your submission confirm that you have removed any identifying information (your name, your professor’s name) from your document, including the header and file name.

Manuscript Format

Submit your manuscript as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. (Please save as a PDF only if you have graphics or other formatting to preserve.) If your submission is not one of these file types, contact for special instructions.

Submit a Manuscript