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Steve Moore

Steve Moore
Steve Moore, Professor of Practice

Math wasn’t the high point of fifth grade for Steve Moore, so he started doodling in class. Today, the millions who read his syndicated sports cartoon “In the Bleachers” or see his animated film “Open Season” are glad he preferred drawing to numbers.

Now, Boise State students can be happy about Moore’s creative diversion as well because he’s been named professor of the practice at the university.

The program identifies talented and accomplished business, scientific and artistic leaders from around the country and beyond and invites them to bring world-class experience and excitement to Boise State students.

“I’m over the moon excited and honored to be selected as a professor of the practice,” Moore said. He plans to do some guest lectures, and this fall he’ll teach Studies in Media Production: Writing Stories for Animated Movies.

“What I hope to do is supplement the academic curriculum of the outstanding professors at Boise State,” he said.

And he believes his most important role will be to give back in the way mentors have helped him throughout his career.

“We’re thrilled to have Steve Moore on board as another exceptional professor of the practice,” said Boise State President Bob Kustra. “He’ll no doubt be an inspiration and creative force for Boise State students.”

Moore moved to Boise from Los Angeles in 2002 so his kids could grow up in a smaller city.

He began his career by working as a journalist for The Maui News. While working as a sports editor there, he came up with the idea for “In the Bleachers.” The cartoon was syndicated in 1985, the same year he went to work for the Los Angeles Times, where he worked his way up to executive news editor.

As a news editor, he was a part of two reporting teams who won Pulitzer Prizes. The first was for their 1992 coverage of the Rodney King riots, the second was for 1994 coverage of the Northridge earthquake.

In 1996, he made the leap to full-time entertainment.

“In 1996 I decided to resign from The Times and pursue a long-time dream of writing for entertainment, specifically animated film and TV,” he said. “I’ve been doing that and the cartoon ever since.”

In 2006, Moore teamed up with Oscar-winning “Rango” producer John Carls to write the original story and serve as executive producers for “Open Season.” The movie features the voices of well-known actors Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Debra Messing and Gary Sinise.

Moore also was the creator, writer and producer of the 2010 animated movie “Alpha & Omega.”

Moore still has his hand in print, however. He’s writing and illustrating a series of four middle-school books for HarperCollins called “King of the Bench.”