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Online Alternatives – Independent Study of Idaho

Amid the evolving pandemic, a growing number of students are requesting online courses. Since we aim to offer a variety of course modalities, including in-person and hybrid, our online sections may not always be able to accommodate all students that desire the online learning experience. To supplement our online course offerings, we want to present students with the opportunity to take the following (online) courses through Independent Study of Idaho. These courses automatically transfer to Boise State as outlined.

Psyc 101: Introduction to Psychology (U of I) – PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
Psyc 300: Statistical Methods (U of I) – PSYC 295 Statistical Methods
Psyc 311: Abnormal Psychology (U of I) – PSYC 301 Abnormal Psychology
Psyc 372: Physiological Psychology (U of I) – PSYC 335 Biological Bases of Behavior
Psyc 385: Research Methods (U of I) – PSYC 321 Research Methods
Psyc 390: Psychology of Learning (U of I) – PSYC 441 Learning
Psyc 415: History and Systems of Psychology (U of I) – PSYC 487 Capstone Perspectives: History and Systems

DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS consult with a Psychological Science Advisor and the Financial Aid Office before enrolling in any of these courses, as doing so may have implications on your financial aid and residence requirements.

To speak with an advisor, you may utilize the psyc advising walk-in office hours or email 


Contact the Financial Aid Office at: