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Career Guidance

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Not Sure What You Want to do With Your Degree? Check Out These Resources!

Here are some tools that can help you learn more about what you can do with a Psychology degree, as well as what you might want in a career:


Pathway U – Pathway U is a free assessment provided by Career Services that can help you see how your interests, personality, and values match up with different careers! You can then see which Boise State majors would help prepare you for each of those careers, and make an appointment with a career counselor to go over your results.

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Major Finder

Major Finder – This tool allows you to explore, search, and filter Boise State degree options based on your interests.

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What Can I Do With This Major?

What Can I Do With This Major? – This tool can help you explore career options related to your major and the steps you need to take to get there.

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Further Guidance

If you’d like further guidance, you can also make an appointment with a career counselor!

Career counselors are available via video, phone, or email, and also have after-hours flexible scheduling available upon request. If you’re interested in meeting with a career counselor, you can schedule an appointment with Career Services.