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Natural Gas Leaks and Pipeline Breaks


  • Confine any fire or fumes to the extent possible (close off any doors to the affected area that you can safely do so). This will help limit the impact of the leak or fire.
  • If you suspect there is a leak of an explosive gas (i.e. natural gas), DO NOT use cell phones, elevators, fire alarm pulls, flashlights or other devices capable of producing static electricity, sparks, electric arcs or open flames.
  • When ordered to evacuate, immediately leave the building and proceed to safe assembly locations as identified in the EVACUATION ROUTE MAPS AND INSTRUCTIONS posted in your building.
  • Move at least 200 feet upwind from the gas leak into an area where you cannot smell the gas.
  • When in a safe location, call 9-1-1 to report the situation; provide your location and the location of the odor to the dispatcher.
  • Leave all ventilation systems operating unless instructed otherwise by emergency responders.
  • DO NOT return to an evacuated building unless directed to do so by authorities.
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