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Medical Emergencies

Ada County Paramedics ambulancesIf you become aware of a seriously ill or injured person, you should:

  • Check the surrounding area for hazards; don’t rush into situations that could make you another victim
  • Call 9-1-1 and report the emergency
  • Be prepared to provide:
  1. Nature of the illness or injury
  2. Location of victim: Street address and room number
  3. Status of victim: conscious, breathing, bleeding
  4. Victim’s injury if known
  5. Hazardous materials involved
  • Do not attempt to move the victim unless she/he is in danger of further injury
  • Properly trained individuals should:
  1. Begin CPR if necessary
  2. Commence first aid, particularly to stop heavy bleeding, while waiting for further assistance
  • If alcohol poisoning is suspected:
  1. Keep victim awake
  2. Turn on his/her side
  3. Contact Department of Public Safety at 208-426-6911
  • Remain with the person until the police or emergency medical personnel arrive

If the injured person is a Boise State University employee, contact their supervisor as soon as possible.  If it is after hours or on the weekend, call  Department of Public Safety at 208-426-6911 and they can locate a specific faculty or staff member and leave them a message.

If you were the injured person, contact Risk Management at 208-426-3638 once you are able to in order to file a claim or document your work related injury.

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