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Report Sexual Assault, Dating Violence/Stalking

Resources for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking

Boise State University is deeply concerned about protecting our students, faculty, and staff from sexual assault; therefore, any incident of sexual assault encourages immediate reporting to the appropriate campus officials.

Sexual Assault Reporting Options:

  • To report as a crime, Call 9-1-1 or Department of Public Safety at 208-426-6911 (24/7)
  • Consult with the Violence Prevention and Support Center Coordinator (VSPC) at the Gender Equity Center: 208-426-4259 (Monday through Friday) – Confidential service
  • Contact the Director of Title IX Compliance at 208-426-1258 or by email at
  • There is much more detailed information on your options on the Gender Equity Center website, but here are some immediate items to keep in mind if you think you might want to report a sexual assault to the police:
    • DO NOT wash or discard clothing which might contain helpful evidence.
    • Evidence collection is best done within 72 hours of the assault and best collected immediately following assault.
    • It is best NOT to shower or bathe, wash your hands, or use the toilet prior to reporting.
  • Additional Off-Campus Support Option: Contact the WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S ALLIANCE (WCA) Sexual Assault Crisis Line at (208) 343-7025
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