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Frequently Asked Questions


When will the project start?

The project began in the Spring 2018 semester with the software install. Hardware installation began in November 2018.

When will the project conclude?

The project is anticipated to take approximately one year to complete. The hardware changes will be completed in a phased approach, with one building at a time being scheduled.

When will my building be scheduled?

The first buildings scheduled for new hardware installation are Riverfront Hall and Capitol Village #s 1-3. After completion of these building, the hardware changes will be completed in a phased approach, with buildings being scheduled using a matrix of availability and priority. The project team will be reaching out to building coordinators and door owners to discuss the project’s business process implications and scheduling as a building upgrade sequence is developed.

How many buildings have been completed thus far?

As of January 12, 2020, sixty-two buildings have been changed or added to the new system.

When will my building be completed?

The project team currently estimates that building upgrades may take from one to four days to complete the hardware update, depending on the complexities of the building. This estimate will be refined as the project progresses, allowing for more specific detailed estimates for each building on campus.

Will there be a cost to my department for this project?

No; all existing Millenium doors will be included in the DPW project budget.

Are the card readers changing?

No; the card readers and door hardware will not change. The building and door controllers which communicate with the readers will be changed out.

Will there be a cost increase for adding new doors with this hardware?

There may be a small increase, however these details are not yet confirmed. This site will be updated as these details emerge.

What software is replacing Millenium?

The new software is Lenel OnGuard. OnGuard is one of the leading card access systems in the world and once implemented will provide a significant improvement in securing the campus.

How do I grant access to a door on the new system?

Request Process

  1. The requester will log in and complete the request form located at
  2. The door owner (AD Group Manager) will receive an email to approve or deny the request
  3. If the request is approved, access will be added near real-time. If any issues arise, the door owner should contact

Audit Process

  1. AD group owners will receive a bimonthly email notification displaying the members of the AD groups for doors of which they are assigned management
  2. If any corrections need to be made, the recipient may remove individuals directly from the audit email, or request to remove group memberships
  3. may also make modifications to AD group membership per the AD group owner’s request