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Natural Disasters

A natural disaster is a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life.

American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness

This Red Cross resource includes a three step process to creating your family’s preparedness plan. Also available via this link are PDF templates in English and in Spanish for “Family Disaster Plans” and a link to definitions and explanations of a variety of different disasters to prepare for.

CDC Natural Disasters and Severe Weather 

This CDC site contains links to thorough definitions of a variety of natural disasters, how to prepare for each situation, such as mudslides or tornadoes, and what to do to make sure you and your family are as ready as possible. Additionally available via this site is are links to support groups and disaster resources like emergency messaging systems. Also available in Spanish.

EPA Natural Disasters

This page lists general information for homeowners, communities, schools, and facilities, that can apply to many different disaster situations. Much of this information is repeated on pages about specific types of natural events or disasters.

National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global self-funded nonprofit organization, established in 1896, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. NFPA delivers information and knowledge through more than 300 consensus codes and standards, research, training, education, outreach and advocacy; and by partnering with others who share an interest in furthering our mission. Our mission is to help save lives and reduce loss with information, knowledge and passion.

Plan Ahead for Disasters

Launched in February 2003, Ready is a National public service campaign designed to educate and empower the American people to prepare for, respond to and mitigate emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters. The goal of the campaign is to promote preparedness through public involvement.

Ready and its Spanish language version Listo ask individuals to do four key things: (1) stay informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses (2) make a family emergency plan and (3)  build an emergency supply kit, and (4) get involved in your community by taking action to prepare for emergencies.

USA gov Emergency and Disaster Preparedness 

This link aims to teach you how to make a plan, including building an emergency kit with basic survival items, before disasters strike.