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Program Technical Standards

Listed here are the technical standards identified for students in Radiologic Science programs. Review each standard and think about your ability to meet the standard 100% or if you are unable to meet the standard, what accommodation may be required. For questions or concerns, please Contact Us.

Physical Requirements

  • Bending – Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist to aid in patient transfer.
  • Carrying – Sufficient strength for moderate carrying including 1) Physically transporting items from one location to another in the range of 15 – 45 pounds and 2) Sufficient strength to wear lead aprons during imaging examinations.
  • Lifting – Sufficient strength for light lifting including 1) Raising objects from a higher to a lower position or moving objects horizontally from one position to another (50 pounds)
  • Reaching – Sufficient ability to reach above the shoulders and head including 1) Extending hands and arms in any direction to manipulate equipment.
  • Standing/Walking – The ability to stand and walk for prolonged periods of time; up to 8 hours.

Sensory Requirements

  • Hearing – Sufficient hearing to detect specific noises. Proper equipment operation and communicate effectively with patients and members of the health care team.
  • Smell – Be able to detect electrical hazards inherent in medical equipment
  • Speech – Verbal and oral communications in English with patient, patient’s family, medical staff, co-workers in person and electronically.
  • Vision – Sufficient vision to read normal print, observe patients manipulate equipment and accessories, evaluate radiographs for quality, and function with computers.

Application Requirements

  • Comprehension – The ability to 1) understand and follow basic instructions and guidelines, 2) understand, remember, and communicate routine factual information, 3) understand complex problems and to collaborate and explore alternative solutions and 4) calculate technical factors using algebra.