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  • Katie Callery presented a thesis defense on Friday, June 26, 2020. The thesis is titled “Phenological Mismatch is Correlated with Fitness Outcomes and Adaptive Behavior in a Generalist Avian Predator Distributed Across North America.” Katie’s advisor has been Julie Heath.
  • Teague Scott presented a thesis defense on Friday, June 26, 2020. The thesis is titled “Home Range and Use of Protected Areas by White-headed Vultures, and Their Movement Patterns Relative to White-backed Vultures.” Teague’s advisor has been Jay Carlisle.
  • Researchers Investigate Climate Change Effects on American Kestrel
  • Work by Raptor Biology professor Dr. Julie Heath was featured in an article in The Birding Wire, a service of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network.
  • Dr. Jim Belthoffs research on burrowing owls was featured in Wired magazine. The story talks about the fleas that infest the birds and their burrows, and which can carry the bacteria that causes plague. Belthoff’s work shows that the owls appear to be immune to the ailment, which presents the opportunity to test if the owls could protect humans from plague. Read the full story (and watch a video).
  • The Raptor Research Center and the Intermountain Bird Observatory worked with Fundacion Migres on an exciting international migration project in Tarifa, Spain! Learn about Boise State University’s collaborative research at the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, with former Raptor Research Center Director Dr. Marc Bechard and Intermountain Bird Observatory Executive Director Greg Kaltenecker on YouTube. Read Raptor Biology Alumnus Rob Miller‘s (’13) blog about research work on the international migration project in Spain with Fundacion Migres.
  • Raptor Biology Alumnus Neil Paprocki (’13) produced and directed a film entitled Bluebird Man. Bluebird Man is a half-hour documentary film about bluebird conservation and citizen science. The film was selected for the 2014 International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana, and was screened in Boise, Idaho, in June 2014 as a part of the North American Bluebird Society’s annual conference. Bluebird Man was also broadcast on Idaho Public Television channels.
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