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Raptor Biology Graduate Program

Master of Science in Raptor Biology

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Please visit the College of Arts and Sciences’ Graduate Program page for an overview of Boise State University’s unique Master of Science in Raptor Biology graduate program, courses offered, opportunities, research, and how to apply.

Visit Boise State University’s ScholarWorks to search Raptor Biology students’ thesis research abstracts and full-text thesis information directly.

Raptor Biology Graduate Student News

Brian Busby received the William C. Andersen Memorial Best Student Paper Award at the Annual Meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation in October 2021 with his paper and presentation “Roads as potential novel predators of wildlife: are barn owls nonresponders?” His graduate thesis research uses state-of-the-art tracking technology to understand the movements of barn owls with respect to roads and road mortalities.

Eden Ravecca won the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society (ICTWS) Management, Conservation, and Education Grant in the amount of $2,000 as well as the Wildlife & People’s Choice Photo Contest Award with “Raptorial Beauty-Barred Owl” at the 2021 ICTWS conference. The awarded funds will be used to purchase field equipment to be used in Eden’s graduate research on her project “Are Predators Able to Adapt to Landscape Changes in the Sagebrush Steppe?”

Eden Ravecca and advisor Dr. Jen Cruz were featured in an Idaho Statesman article on August 5, 2021, regarding their research on Prairie Falcons: “These falcons fly with little backpacks. What do Boise State scientists hope to learn?

Raptor Biology Graduate Program Alumni News

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