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REU-Raptor Research Program Benefits

Our summer research program is an excellent way for students to gain skills and prepare for graduate school and a career in a STEM field. In addition to the research experiences and professional development opportunities afforded by REU-RR, each participant will receive:

  1. A stipend of $600 per week
  2. Summer housing in campus residence halls at no cost to the student
  3. A food supplement to assist with purchase of some meals
  4. Travel expenses to and from Boise, Idaho
  5. Participation in the Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR)
  6. Potential to travel to a national conference during the fall semester

For questions please see FAQs or contact:

Dr. Jim Belthoff, REU-RR
Department of Biological Sciences and
Raptor Research Center
Boise State University
Boise, ID 83725