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Change My Major (Approver)

Instructions on how approvers can review students’ major change requests and assign advisors are provided below.

Major Change Tools

Review Major Change Requests

Navigate to the Major Change homepage

Log in to the Major Change website.

Go to the major change home page

Select "Review Requests"

The main landing page for Major Change will show pending requests. If you are elsewhere in the Major Change portal, select the button in the top right corner of the screen labeled with your name. Select “Review Requests” from the dropdown menu.

Go to drop down menu under name button and select review requests

Select academic plans and review requests

Select the relevant academic plan from drop down menuĀ  or review the list of students with pending requests. Approve or deny the requests with the green checkmark or the red “X” respectively.

If the plan is approved, the student will be automatically enrolled into that major. If the plan is denied, the student will be enrolled in the appropriate pre-plan. Students will need to complete all relevant requirements to be approved for their requested major. Students should speak with their advisor to determine next steps.

Drop down menu of academic plans with checkmark for approve and X for deny

Assign Advisors

Navigate to the Major Change Home Page

Log in to the Major Change website.

Go to the major change home page

Select "Assign Advisors"

Select the button labeled with your name in the top right corner. Select “Assign Advisors from the dropdown menu.

Select assign advisors from the dropdown menu

Enter student ID to lookup and select current advisor

Enter the student’s ID number next to the magnifying glass and press enter. The student, their major and their advisor will show up as a search result.

Select the student’s major, next to the folder icon, to change the advisor.

Enter student ID in search box and select advisor name to change

Select new advisor

Clicking on the student’s major will bring up a list of advisors. You can search for a specific advisor by entering their name into the search box or you can click “Full Advisor List” at the bottom to view all possible advisors. Click on an advisor’s name to select them.

Select an advisor from the list by clicking on them or click view full advisor list

Save changes

Once a new advisor has been chosen, they will show up under the student’s major. Click Save to save the change.

Click save to save changes