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Change My Major (Students)

Don’t see your desired major, minor, or certificate? The program may be available in a different catalog year. Please contact your academic advisor.


Add a New Major, Minor or Certificate

Access Change My Major Tool

Log in to myBoiseState, then select the “My Academics” tab.

Select My Academics

Add a New Major, Minor or Certificate

Select the “Add a new major, minor or certificate” button below “My Majors.”

Select add a new major, minor or certificate

Choose a Plan

Enter the name of the major into the search bar or select from the list.

Enter major name into search bar

Select a Major

Select a major from the list or search results by clicking on the major.

Select the major

Select Preview Changes

Select the Preview Changes button.

Select preview changes

Save Plan Changes

Review the change and select the “Save Plan Changes” button.

Select Save Plan Changes

Pending Changes

If the major you’ve chosen requires department approval, the My Majors section should show the updated major under “pending changes.”  The major change will be reviewed by the necessary parties before the major is officially changed.

New major will show under Pending Changes with pre plans.

Remove a Major or Minor

Click remove

View your current majors or minors at myBoiseState and select the “Remove” button next to the minor or major you want to remove.

Select remove button next to the major or minor to remove

Preview Changes

The minor or major you selected will show up under “Unsaved Changes.” Click the “Preview Changes” button after selecting the relevant major or minor to remove.

Select preview changes button

Save Changes

Review the information and if you want to continue with removing the plan click the “Save Plan Changes” button.

Click save plan changes

Discard Changes

If you choose not to remove the plan, select the “Reset Changes” button to keep your current plan(s).

Select reset changes button to discard changes

How to Change my Major Instructional Video