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Enrollment Swap


Enrollment swap is a feature that allows students to exchange two courses without requiring the procedure of dropping one course in order to add another.

This is especially useful if students have a time conflict between the two courses they are exchanging or if they would like to exchange one section of a course for a different section. For classes that have an extremely limited number of open seats, students will no longer need to risk losing a seat in both classes.


Log in to myBoiseState.

Click the Student Center link under My Resources.

Click the Student Homepage tile.

Select student homepage

Select Class Search Enrollment

Select Class Search Enrollment


Select the Swap Classes tab.

Example of selecting the Swap Classes tab.

Select the class you would like to swap from the dropdown menu.

Example of selecting a class to swap from the drop down menu.

Any drops will be subject to impacts based on semester enrollment deadlines.

Confirm you are swapping a course and click Continue.

Example of selecting a method to swap from the multiple swapping methods.

Select the method by which you would like to select a replacement class, either by class search, by shopping cart, or by entering a class number.


Adjust Enrollment Preferences and click Accept.

Example of selecting class preferences.

Click Submit to finish swapping classes.

Example of clicking the submit button.

Review for Success Message or any Errors/Notifications.

Example of message for successfully swapping a class.

Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email

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