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Update Emergency Contact Information


Log in to myBoiseState.

Click Student View, then Student Center link under Services.

Select Personal Information. You can also select this from the Student Homepage options.

Example of clicking the Personal Information button.

Select the Emergency Contacts tab

Example of selecting the Emergency Contacts tab.

If you don’t have an emergency contact you will have to add one by clicking Add Contact.

Example of selecting the Add Contact button.

Fill out the required fields and Save.

Example of the Add Contact window.

To Add another contact click the + button. To edit a contact click on the contact and make any changes. Save any changes made.

Example of selecting a contact to edit.

The first emergency contact entered into the system will default to be your preferred contact. To change who your preferred contact is, select the contact. When the Edit Contact window opens, check the Preferred box and Save.

Example of the check box to select for preferred contact.

Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email

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