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View Advisee Information

What is Included in Advisee Information?

View Advisee Information displays all of your assigned advisees. You can see your advisees’ Student Center information including:

  • Holds
  • To Do List
  • Privacy requests
  • Demographic data
  • Class schedule
  • Weekly schedule
  • Degree progress report
  • Transcripts
  • Grades


To view your advisees’ select the Advisor Center.

example of advisor center tile

Select the My Advisees link from the Advisor Center.

example of my advisee tab

All of your Advisees will list on the Advisee Roster. You can send an email to a specific advisee by checking the notify box and clicking on “Notify Selected Advisees”.

You can send an email to all your advisees by clicking the “Notify All Advisees” button. To view detailed information for your advisee click on the “View Student Details” link.

To view information for a student not listed as your advisee click on the “View Data For Other Students” button.

example pf view student detail link

This page displays the class schedule, holds, program advisor, enrollment dates, and demographic data.

example of advisee student center page

You can also view other academic information such as Degree Progress, Transcripts, Grades, etc., by selecting the other academic drop down.

example of other academic info drop down

You can also view your advisees’ program plan by clicking on the details link listed under the Program Advisor.

example of program advisor info
example of program advisor

Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email

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