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Online Class Scheduling

Online Class Scheduling

Can a General Purpose room be removed from a class?

Yes, if a General Purpose room is not the priority room for your department then the Scheduling office will take the room off the class.

Can I re-number or switch sections of a class after it has been submitted?

No, once a class has been submitted we cannot re-number or switch sections of a class.

Can the session dates be changed on combined classes?

Session dates cannot be changed on combined classes. If a combined class requires a change to the session, please list the change in “Notes to Registrar”.

How do I add an instructor’s preferred name to a class?

Only the primary name will show in OCS. However, if the instructor goes by a different name and wishes that name to display, have them log in their myBoiseState account to change their preferred name. The preferred name will then display on myBoiseState, the PDF copy of the schedule, and the student’s printed schedule.

How do I delete an instructor from a class?

To delete an instructor from a class, use the minus button on the class row. Caution: Highlighting and deleting the instructor’s name will not work. The row must be deleted for the changes to be effective.

How do I make changes during Review 2?

If you change days or times on a class, the room will be dropped. Please contact to make changes during Review 2.

How do I set up a lab?

To set up a lab, change the “component” to lab and “class type” to non-enroll. The section will default to the next alpha character. Don’t forget to indicate in “Notes to Registrar” which lecture section the lab goes with.

Is there an easier way to find classes or sections?

Yes, on the blue bar under COURSE ID is “FIND”. Enter the class or section number of the class you are looking for and press enter. It will take you to that class or section.

What is “Notes to Registrar”?

The “Notes to Registrar” is where combined classes information with total enrollment cap is listed, new special topics titles are placed, as well as requisites for special topics classes.

What is the best way to add descriptions or long notes to Notes to Students?

Descriptions and long notes can be typed in Word to be check for spelling, then copied and pasted into OCS. OCS does not have spell check.

What is the message in red in the upper right hand corner of the page?

In the upper right hand corner of the page is a field used to post scheduling information and deadlines.

Will all the times be reviewed to ensure compliance with University standard meeting pattern policy?

Yes, all times will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the University’s standard meeting pattern policy.

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