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Enrollment Appointments

Student Classification

Continuing Students

If you are a degree-seeking student, you may register during continuing registration, which is held in April (for the upcoming fall semester) and in October (for the upcoming spring semester). Summer session registration occurs in February for the upcoming summer. For exact dates, consult the Academic Calendar. During continuing registration students register by appointment on myBoiseState, according to a schedule established by the Registrar’s Office. Appointments are assigned based on credits completed (not including in-progress credits). Once appointments have been assigned, the Registrar’s Office will notify you via BroncoMail to check your appointment time on myBoiseState.

New and Transfer Students

If you are a new degree-seeking student (including transfer), you are expected to RSVP for and attend a BroncoVenture Orientation program at which you will register for classes. BroncoVenture Orientation programs are held for both the fall and spring semesters; upon admission or readmission, you will receive an e-mail with directions to RSVP for a program. Space is limited in each program and you should RSVP at your earliest convenience.

BroncoVenture Orientation will ease your transition into the Boise State community, provide you with academic advising, and aid you in course selection on-site. Contact the New Student Programs Office at (208) 426-1679 or visit New Student Orientation for more information.

Readmitted and Returning Students

If you are a readmitted or returning student, you will be assigned an appointment during continuing registration, which is held in April (for the upcoming fall semester) and in October (for the upcoming spring semester). Your appointment time will appear on your myBoiseState account.

If you do not see an appointment time on your account by the beginning of April for fall and mid-October for spring, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (208) 426-4249 or stop by the Administration Building, Room 110.

Nondegree-seeking Students

If you are a nondegree-seeking student, your registration occurs during Open Registration.

Open Registration

Open registration for the fall semester begins the Tuesday prior to the start of the term and runs through the 10th day of the semester.

Open registration for the spring semester varies. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Open registration for the summer sessions begins in February. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

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