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Community Impact Programs (CIP)

In this video, hear from past students about the opportunities that the Community Impact Program opened for them. This video is available with captions and a transcript.

Boise State University Community Impact Program

The Community Impact Program (CIP) is designed with community stakeholders, and the outcomes are owned by the community. The program incorporates a deep connection between community, faculty and students through a combination of off-campus experiences, on-campus experiences and accessible online education.

Now enrolling for Fall 2023

The Community Impact Program is currently enrolling students for the Fall 2023 semester. Schedule an appointment to learn more about the program and how it can help you reach your goals.

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Who is this program for?

This program is designed for students in rural communities in West Central Mountains (McCall and its surrounding areas), Mountain Home and the surrounding areas, and the Western Treasure Valley (Payette and its surrounding areas). Students are able to complete their education can attend part-time or full-time.

We support students that are just starting college, those who have taken a break, and students who are ready to finish what they started years ago. We support our community advocates and partners to create challenge-based learning opportunities and internships in your communities. We’re here to support you! Contact us at or schedule an appointment for more information.

Scholarship Opportunity

Community Impact Program (CIP) students are eligible to receive up to $5,250 scholarship funding for their first year of CIP courses and/or  additional online or on-campus course work. Limited scholarships are available.  Contact us today to learn how you can secure this award!

What will students learn?

We know that every student’s situation is different. Students will work with our support staff to create an educational plan that meets their educational, professional, and personal goals. All students enrolled in the program will complete our stand-alone Community Leadership certificate.  Students can take additional courses if they are ready or they can explore and have the certificate blend easily with any of our associate or bachelor’s degrees.

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