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The Core Community Team from Payette. Photo by Arlie Sommer, Boise State Extended Studies.

Western Treasure Valley (Payette)

Community Impact Programs (CIP) is a new collaborative initiative responding to the call from Boise State University’s President Marlene Tromp, for Boise State campus to identify and deliver educational programs to rural communities in the university’s service area.

Signature Support for Individualized Certificate & Bachelor's Degree Plans

Be a leader in your community!

Get started by enrolling in a course for Fall 2021! Refine your community leadership skills with courses including entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, leadership, and business/professional communication skills.  These courses will provide a Community Impact Certificate that can be used as a stand-alone credential, or used to fulfill elective credits for students that go on to select Bachelor’s degree programs.

Automatic Scholarships!

Regardless of prior-education GPA, students enrolled in Community Impact Program (CIP) courses will automatically qualify for a no-application scholarship for their first year in the program.  Over $50,000 in dedicated scholarship funding is available for students enrolled in CIP from Payette and the surrounding communities.  Up to ten $5,250 scholarships will be awarded. This scholarship that covers up to 50% of tuition cost is for first-year students during Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Enhanced Experience

A key feature of this program is that faculty will spend time embedded in Payette for portions of each semester. In addition, CIP students will have a dedicated student support specialist and advisor to provide enhanced support and guidance.

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More Information

If you would like additional details about the Community Impact Programs (CIP), please complete the form and someone will be in touch shortly. Thank you.