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Work U Pairs Students with Professionals

Work U students and professionals

Built around the idea that the job itself makes for a great classroom, Boise State’s Work U program is an educational, cooperative learning opportunity that allows students to earn three academic credits while working in a part-time professional position.

With the help of a mentor, students apply knowledge they have gained in the academic setting, and build professional experience, skills and networking into their university experience.

Local business and industry partners — including inaugural Work U partner St. Luke’s corporation and Albertsons corporation — provide students with valuable work experiences while helping to grow a local talent pool.

Current students represent a variety of majors, including English, engineering, communications, health policy, microbiology, prelaw, human resources and computer science, who are gaining professional confidence, building their professional network and exploring their professional aspirations.

It also allows employers to connect their future leaders, who serve as mentors, to students, and to the university.

“It’s a really powerful experience for the students because it helps them gain real-world experience, build professional confidence and see what it feels like to work in a corporate environment.” – Lonnie Jackson

This article was originally published in Focus Magazine.