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Enrollment Data

Statistical information can be found in the information below. Find the latest copy of Boise State University’s Facts and Figures here, or reference the State Board of Education Higher Education site. Program enrollment figures, retention rates and student profiles from previous years can be found in our archived data.

Table of Statistical Reports

In the following table, find links to PDF reports for University Profile, New Transfer Student Profile, and New Academic Freshman Profile for fall and spring semesters. All reports are organized by year and available from the current year through 2013.

YearUniversity Profile (Fall)University Profile (Spring)New Transfer Student Profile (Fall)New Transfer Student Profile (Spring)New Academic Freshman Profile (Fall)New Academic Freshman Profile (Spring)
Spring 2024Spring 2024Spring 2024
2023Fall 2023Spring 2023Fall 2023Spring 2023Fall 2023Spring 2023
2022Fall 2022Spring 2022Fall 2022Spring 2022Fall 2022Spring 2022
2021Fall 2021Spring 2021Fall 2021Spring 2021Fall 2021Spring 2021
2020Fall 2020Spring 2020Fall 2020Spring 2020Fall 2020Spring 2020
2019Fall 2019Spring 2019Fall 2019Spring 2019Fall 2019Spring 2019
2018Fall 2018Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2018
2017Fall 2017Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2017
2016Fall 2016Spring 2016Fall 2016Spring 2016Fall 2016Spring 2016
2015Fall 2015Spring 2015Fall 2015Spring 2015Fall 2015Spring 2015
2014Fall 2014Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2014
2013Fall 2013Spring 2013Fall 2013Spring 2013Fall 2013Spring 2013

Financial Aid and Scholarship Quick Facts

The Financial Aid Quick Facts and the Scholarship Quick Facts pages provide an overview of our undergraduate students and their relation to financial aid or scholarships. These pages will be updated annually to provide the most current and complete data available.