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Current Student Communications and Marketing

Content Marketing and Multimedia

We manage the Student Life Essentials website so students will always have a place to go to find resources based on what they want or need, without having to know department or program names.

Blog posts on Student Life feed into myBoiseState and the Boise State Mobile app. We share them out to our followers on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. And then once a month we package up the most helpful, relevant posts for that month and share them out in a student-focused newsletter.

Promotional Materials

We also partner with Student Affairs departments to help promote events, services and resources they offer to help students succeed. If this is you and you want to get the word out to students, let’s work together. Start by filling out a project request form.

Communication Request Form       Unsolicited Email and Data Requests

Options for Connecting with Students

Each type of content offers unique opportunities and carries unique considerations. Please review the information for your intended deliverable before submitting a project request.