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Surel’s Place Artist-in-Residence Kathy Curnow visits the Stein Luminary

Kathy Curnow in the stein Luminary

Kathy Curnow, the current writer-in-residence at Surel’s Place, is not just immersed in the world of literature but also actively engaged in the vibrant Boise community.

Recently, Curnow was invited to share her knowledge and experiences in Boise State University’s Stein Luminary as a guest lecturer for the “Non-Western Art in Global Museums” class. Her expertise in curating exhibitions, particularly in her specialty of Benin art, positions her perfectly to guide students in thinking critically about art objects and their cultural contexts.

Readers and enthusiasts of historical mysteries will also have a chance to engage with Curnow on Wednesday, September 6th, at 7:00 pm at Surel’s Place. During this event, she will read from her second mystery novel, set in the late 15th-century Benin City, Nigeria. The story revolves around a murder investigation involving a titled woman who also held the role of a spiritual intermediary for the monarch. Attendees will get a glimpse into Kathy’s captivating world of literature, influenced by her academic background and real-life experiences in the still-existing monarchy.

For more information please visit the Surel’s Place website.