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Three new exhibitions open at the Blue Galleries

Join the Blue Galleries for three new exhibitions open now,  August 29th-October 26th, 2023. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm.

Porous Images
Dwaine Carver and Alex Carver

The Blue Galleries is pleased to present Porous Images, an exhibition of new works by artists Dwaine and Alex Carver curated by Rachel Reichert.

The gallery is transformed into two room-sized camera obscuras. Projecting from the South- and North-facing windows, two apertures project scenes from outside the gallery across the interior surfaces, transforming the entire space into a low-lit bicameral chamber of inverted imagery.

The logic of the contemporary image economy requires that every surface is now a screen for consumption; each new image on the infinite digital scroll is evermore compressed and evermore ultra-high-definition. In contrast, the artists argue that porosity, desaturation and underexposure are operative and critical terms able to slow our collective cultural metabolism. The images and objects within the exhibition are at once permeable and absorptive – dilated, bleeding out across all surfaces – barely legible. As the spectators’ eyes adjust, the drawings and paintings emerge as screens embedded in the architecture, apparitional, receding as much as they appear.

Artists and Curator Talk: Porous Images
Alex Carver, Dwaine Carver, and Rachel Reichert in discussion moderated
by Gallery Director Kirsten Furlong
September 29, 2023, 6pm
Center for the Visual Arts Room 439, free and open to all

The Artist and Curator Talk is supported by the Department of Art, Design, and Visual Studies Visiting Artist and Scholar Program and the Blue Galleries.

Yelaine Rodriguez (AfroDominicanYork, b. 1990) Saso 2021, Yaissa<br />
2022 from the Afro-Sacred Familia series<br />
Analog photography digitally printed on fabric, ribbon, cowrie shells, and beads

Más allá de los márgenes: investigaciones sobre el arte y la identidad latina

August 29th – October 26th, 2023

Beyond the Margins (Más allá de los márgenes) tiene como objetivo borrar los límites de los márgenes y amplificar las voces de las artistas, permitiéndoles hablar por sí mismas. Las cuatro artistas que participan en esta exposición presentan obras que entran en diálogo con la historia del arte, cuestionando las formas en que se ha escrito la historia y haciéndonos reflexionar sobre qué se ha incluido y quién se ha borrado. Nos proporcionan una comprensión más compleja de la propia identidad, motivada por sus propias voces y no por las expectativas sociales. Las piezas seleccionadas exploran conceptualmente algunos temas como las distinciones entre arte y artesanía, lo alto y lo bajo, la materialidad, la raza, la pertenencia y las expectativas sociales para les latines.

Artistas participantes: Frances Gallardo (puertorriqueña), Nancy Rivera (mexicana-estadounidense), Tamara Kostianovsky (argentina-estadounidense) Yelaine Rodriguez (afrodominicana-neoyorkina)

Esta exposición y la programación asociada fueron posibles gracias al generoso apoyo de: Consejo de las Artes de Salt Lake City y el Fondo Nacional para las Artes

*Usamos latina como término femme y  latine como un término de género inclusive para una persona de origen o ascendencia latinoamericana que actualmente vive en los Estados Unidos.

Curadoría por María del Mar González-González

Beyond the Margins: An Exploration of Latina Art and Identity

August 29th – October 26th, 2023

Beyond the Margins aims to erase the confines of the margins and amplify the artists’ voices, allowing them to speak for themselves. The four artists in this exhibition present work that is in conversation with the history of art, challenging the ways in which that history was written, and making us consider what’s included and who’s erased. They provide us with a more complex understanding of self-identity, driven by their own voices and not confined by social expectations. The selected works conceptually explore themes like the distinctions between art and craft, high and low, materiality, race, belonging, and social expectations for Latina/x peoples.

Participating Artists:
Frances Gallardo (Puerto Rican), Nancy Rivera (Mexican-American), Tamara Kostianovsky (Argentinian-American), Yelaine Rodriguez (Afro-DominicanYork)

This exhibition has been made possible through generous support from: Salt Lake City Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts

*We use Latina/x as both a femme and gender-neutral term for a person of Latin American origin or descent who now lives in the U.S.

Curated by María del Mar González-González PhD – an assistant professor of global modern and contemporary art history at Weber State University. She specializes in contemporary Latin American and Latinx visual art and culture with a focus on the intersection of art and politics.

Expressions of Resistance:
John Bybee, Alyse-Ambriel Hanna, and Hallie Maxwell

August 29 – October 26, 2023

Expressions of Resistance is a group show of thesis stage students at Boise State University’s Visual Arts MFA program. Their work tackles themes of identity, autonomy, liberation, and expression. Alyse-Ambriel Hanna is an interdisciplinary artist that works with materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, organic materials, and found objects. Her work sits at the intersection between feminism and animal rights. Hallie Maxwell is an interdisciplinary artist that works primarily with installation, audio, video, and performance. Her work explores intergenerational trauma post-WWII, Japanese American identity, loss, removal, and allegiance. John Bybee is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in fiber arts. Their work is focused on queer theory and tackling themes of forging new community connections and overcoming the obstacles of discrimination.

Blue Galleries, Center for the Visual Arts (CVA)  Boise State University
1110 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83706
Gallery hours during exhibition Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm