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We have an Illumina NextSeq 1000 which is capable of generating between 10-360 GB of data which corresponds to 100M to 1.2B reads, depending on your sequencing needs. Read lengths range from 50-600 base pairs.

Estimated Sample Throughput for Key Applications:

Data capabilities for Illumina's NextSeq 1000 platform. Courtesy of Illumina.

‡ Using P1 300-cycle kit.
§ Recommended read lengths are 2 × 75 bp for Total RNA Prep and mRNA Prep and 2 × 100 bp for RNA Prep with Enrichment.
** Recommended sequencing depth will largely depend on sample type and experimental objective and will need to be optimized for each study.
†† P1 reagents are a good option for single-cell quality control experiments.
‡‡ Using P1 100-cycle kit.
§§ Using P2 100-cycle kit.
*** A maximum of 384 unique dual indexes is available
Type of Application# of samples on a
P1 Flow Cell
# of samples on a
P2 Flow Cell
Small Whole-Genome Sequencing (300 cycles)

130 Mb genome; >30x coverage
Small Whole-Genome Sequencing (600 cycles)

130 Mb genome; > 30x coverage
Whole Exome Sequencing (200 cycles)

50x mean targeted coverage; 90% targeted coverage at 20x
Total RNA-Seq (200 cycles)

50M read pairs per sample
mRNA-Seq (200 cycles)

25M read pairs per sample
Single-Cell RNA-Seq (100 cycles)

5K cells, 20K reads/cell
miRNA-Seq or Small RNA Analysis (50 cycles)

11M reads/sample
16S RNA Sequencing (600 cycles)384***384

Data Output Per Flow Cell

Read LengthAmount of Data Produced with a P1 Flow CellAmount of Data Produced with a P2 Flow Cell
2 x 50 bp10 Gb40 Gb
2 x 100 bpN/A80 Gb
2 x 150 bp30 Gb120 Gb
2 x 300 bp60 Gb180 Gb