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Three Scholarships for Underprivileged Students. $8,000.00 each

This is a great Scholarship: Three new scholarships for underprivileged students have been established and will be awarded this spring for the 21 – 22 academic year.

Applications are now open for the:
Nahid S. Hasnain Scholarship for Underprivileged Students
Aziz F. Hasnain Scholarship for Underprivileged Students
Geraldine Cree Scholarship for Underprivileged Students

Each scholarship award will be $8,000 and the criteria is the same for each:
1. Students must be facing obstacles to complete their education or have experienced a series of challenges delaying their academic pursuits.
2. A student’s major must be within the College of Arts and Sciences’ arts, humanities, and social sciences. Currently, this includes all majors within the School of the Arts and Departments of Anthropology, Communication and Media, English, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, and World Languages. Also included are students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies and Multidisciplinary Studies, with a focus on arts, humanities, and social sciences.
3. Full time undergraduate or graduate students from any class including incoming freshmen and transfer students.
4. Financial need
5. Preference to first-generation students
The deadline for this application, which can be found at Boise State Scholarship Application is March 15, 2021.

If you are aware of students who have faced extraordinary hardships that are making it difficult to stay in school or balance the load of study, work and other responsibilities, please refer them to these opportunities.