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The Anti-Racism Collective

The Anti-Racism Collective (ARC) is housed in the Sociology Department at Boise State University. Formed in the Spring of 2021 by professor Dora Ramirez and Tess Valero (graduate student), the mission of the Anti-Racism Collective is to engage with pathways of emergence through collaborative research and activism in the pursuit of social change.

“Anti-Racist” or “Not Racist”

In the most simplest way, a not racist is a racist who is in denial, and an
anti-racist is someone who is willing to admit the times in which they are being racist, and who is willing to recognize the inequities and the racial problems of our society, and who is willing to challenge those racial inequities by challenging policy.
–Ibram X. Kendi The difference between being “not racist” and antiracist

You can watch some lectures and get more information about our events on the ARC Instagram: @the.anti.racism.collective!