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Internship Overview for Supervisors

Creating an Internship Description

It is important to have a strong internship description as you seek interns to contribute to your organization. If you are writing an internship description from scratch or hoping to build out one that you currently have, feel free to refer to the Internship Descriptions webpage for support.

Student Process to Apply for Academic Credit

Process to Register for Internship Academic Credit

Many students earn academic credit through the process of completing an internship.

To earn 1 credit, an intern must complete 45 hours of internship work.

Although this application process is the intern’s responsibility, it is helpful for you to have an understanding of how this process works after you have accepted them as an intern and before they start their internship:

  1. The intern fills out the Boise State Internship Application for Credit
  2. The intern’s application gets sent to the Internship Coordinator for approval
  3. Once approved by the Internship Coordinator, it gets sent to your email for approval (make sure to check your spam folder for this email)
  4. Once you provide your approval, the student is enrolled for credit.

Academic Class

Students who pursue academic credit for their internship will be enrolled into an asynchronous academic course. The purpose of this course is to help them unpack and articulate their internship experience. This work is completed independently by the student. However, there are requirements of the course that the student will bring to you to support. You will receive an email from the Internship Coordinator detailing this after the start of the semester.

Marketing Your Internship to Students

There are several ways that we can help you get an internship opportunity out to students:

Email the Internship Coordinator

Depending on the internship opportunity, the department Internship Coordinator can disseminate this information out to students directly and provide guidance on other strategies to do so.

To post, please email Kelsey Nelson at

Post on Handshake

Handshake is a free job board that Boise State University students and alumni have access to. If you’d like to learn more about Handshake and how to post a position, please click here.

Have questions?

Feel free to reach out to the School of Public and Population Health Internship Coordinator.