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Global Studies

A balanced core of courses in the humanities and social sciences. Coursework across multiple academic departments emphasizes critical thinking and provides several disciplinary frameworks for understanding global issues.

About Global Studies

Students are trained to analyze the specificities of local conditions as well as broader macro processes. The program also fosters the development of skills that are highly prized in the global workforce, such as cross-cultural sensitivity, analysis of historical context, ability to work in multiple languages, and rich comparative skills. Service learning, study abroad, and internships open paths to careers in government, international organizations, law, business, education, and planning.

Discover Global Connections

Design Your Own Experience

The Global Studies degree allows students to fashion your own distinctive global learning experience:

World Language
Global Studies students will acquire a minimum of an intermediate level of language proficiency in a second language.

Area of Emphasis
Choose your area of emphasis from the following: world economics, world cultures, sustainable futures or international relations.

Experiential Learning
Study abroad and/or local service learning experience is a vital part of the Global Studies program.

World Language

Learn more about World Languages at Boise State

Area of Emphasis

Learn more about areas of emphasis on our advising page

Experiential Learning

Visit the Global Education website

Program Objectives

The Global Studies major will prepare students to better understand:

  • the dynamics of cultural change and diversity across the world;
  • differences in social, political and economic development across the world and within regions;
  • political and social change in the face of unprecedented demands placed on governments, international organizations, and markets;
  • the increasing interconnectedness of people, communities, businesses and governments from around the world.

The Global Studies major will prepare students to work in a fluid global context in which people and businesses are on the move, where there are stark differences in people’s access to basic material goods, where there is increasing demand for natural resources and public spending, and where there is consistent contact among individuals and groups that hold different values and interests. In this major, students will learn the skills necessary to be responsive to a changing global environment as well as developing the skills to help lead change.