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The Blue Review Goes to Press: An Article from the Boise Weekly

Posted by George Prentice on Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 12:17 PM

UPDATE: The timing couldn’t be better. The morning after the latest (and most contentious) presidential debate and five days before the final face-off, The Blue Review—popular scholarship in the public interest—hit newsstands this morning.

Additionally, The Blue Review’s website, Facebook and Twitter went live today, offering more context on the inaugural’s theme of presidential politics.

Look for The Blue Review, to be published quarterly, inside the current edition of Boise Weekly and check out the Blue Review website here.

Original Post

Offering scholarship, fact-driven analysis and dissemination of the subjects of our times, editors and contributors are anxiously awaiting Wednesday’s unveiling of The Blue Review, published by the Boise State University College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, which will be inserted in the new edition of Boise Weekly.

The inaugural hard-copy edition of The Blue Review will offer an expertly timed look at all things political—local, regional and national.

The first issue will showcase the work of writers and scholars that “are necessarily different from the voices you will hear in the mainstream media. They aim to inform and explain, reminding us of our shared history and its relevance to our future.”

The issue includes:

  • Church of Romney: Mormons in the shadow of a candidate, by Dr. Ross Peterson of Utah State
  • The Obama/Romney Amendments: The Constitution, war making and foreign affairs, by Dr. David Adler of Boise State
  • The Obama Effect: A racial Rorschach test, by Dr. Jill Bill of Boise State
  • Casting Into the Green Hole: Environmentalists and candidates fail to speak the same language, by Rick Johnson
  • Red Tide Rising: Fears from the 1950s haunt Obama in 2012, by Dr. Todd Shallat of Boise State